The Extraordinary General Assembly of the Academy of Medical Sciences


The Academy of Medical Sciences organized an Extraordinary General Assembly on Friday, June 21, during which the following were voted on and approved:

  • A partnership with the Romanian Academy, the Academy of Technical Sciences of Romania, and the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences.
  • The proposal for a scientific partnership agreement, which will be negotiated in the coming period, between the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Moldova, the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, and the Academy of Legal Sciences of Romania.
  • The project to prepare for the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Academy of Medical Sciences (anniversary project 2025): anniversary session, ASM Congress (scientific debate sessions), medal event for Prof. George Emil Palade, 50 years since receiving the Nobel Prize, medal event for Prof. Ioan Moraru, Nobel laureate, Anniversary Gala – concert by the Doctors’ Orchestra.
  •  Proposed legislative amendments regarding Law 264/2004.
  • Report by the National Commission for the Bioethics of Medicinal Products and Medical Devices – Information, Dr. Doina Drăgănescu.
  • Approval of the new staffing plan (15 positions).
  • Approval of the editorial plan within the project “Medicine Made Easy for Everyone” with the Medical Publishing House.
  • Election of new Honorary Members.
  • Miscellaneous.