Development of Skills in Transplantation (DCT)

Project POSDRU 186/3.2/155295 “Development of Skills in Transplantation” (2015-2016), funded under the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013, implemented by the Academy of Medical Sciences.

The training and specialization of medical personnel in the field of transplantation, alongside the establishment of an efficient system for identifying donors, is a prerequisite for increasing the number of donors at the national level. The necessity of having specialized personnel in a high-performance medical sector was identified as a result of progressive developments in this field, especially in the years 2013-2014.

The overall objective of the project was a rapid orientation towards the innovative segments of the medical sector in the field of organ, tissue, and cell transplantation. Enhancing the adaptability and competitiveness of personnel in the healthcare sector by participating in training courses to obtain the necessary skills for organ, tissue, and cell transplantation, thereby facilitating the development of skills for employees, doctors, and nurses in the healthcare sector, in line with their professional aspirations.

The project was implemented nationwide, and the target group reached at the end of the project was 2420 trained individuals from the medical field, including doctors and nurses.

Specific objectives and results achieved:

– Professional training of individuals in the medical field in high-performance specialty areas: organ transplantation, transplant immunology, cellular therapies, and the use of innovative modern training tools – e-learning technologies and practical applications to enhance medical knowledge.
– Promotion of the benefits of professional training through information and awareness campaigns on the importance of organ, tissue, and cell transplantation.
– Promotion of the importance of donation among the population through information and awareness campaigns organized at the national level.
– Establishment of a pilot center at the national level for simulation in advanced technologies in organ and cell transplantation – advanced surgical technologies, liver failure, interventional radiology.