Sectoral Research and Development Plan for Medicine (2007-2013)

Sectoral Research and Development Plan for Medicine (2007-2013)


The Academy of Medical Sciences became involved in 2005 within a contract with the Ministry of Education and Research) C.N.C.S.I.S. (National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education) in the project: “Elaboration of the National Strategy in the R&D field for the period 2007-2013,” funded from the state budget through the Ministry of Education and Research, within the Sectoral Research and Development Plan. A consortium of research organizations, higher education institutes, research-oriented companies participated in its implementation, conducted over a period of 18 months (April 2005-October 2006). Additionally, the Academy of Medical Sciences was involved in carrying out 2 phases of the project in 2005, namely: phase 1: Methodology used for evaluating the current situation and performance. Foresight exercise and phase 2: Evaluation of the internal and external environment from all relevant perspectives: economic, social, educational, legislative, cultural.

The national strategy document mentions the objectives and orientations in biomedical research: “Health represents a dimension with a significant impact on society both through its contribution to the quality of life and its contribution to the population’s activity rate. The still high proportion of society’s expenses for ensuring the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases (cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, neurodegenerative, etc.) particularly requires research activities with very precise targets. Achieving these targets of applied research is impossible without a proper development of research into fundamental biopsychological processes.

The main objective of the project was to elaborate a programmatic document with the character of a national strategy that would outline the objectives of the future Framework Program “National R&D Plan for the period 2007-2013”. For the elaboration of the National Research, Development, and Innovation Strategy 2007-2013, 9 priority areas were established with great potential to lead to economic and social progress, among which medicine ranks 4th.

For the period 2007-2013, research will be directed towards developing knowledge of the integrative biological systems of the human being; the mechanisms of adaptation of the human body to the dynamics of biological and psychosocial environmental factors; investigation and interventional methods based on molecular and cellular medicine, genomics, and proteomics; modern therapies oriented towards chemical, genetic, cellular support and their standardization according to bioethical norms; the development of brain-machine interface for the investigation and recovery in neurological disorders; implementation of new prevention and interventional methods, at the national level, aligned with the European operational space.

The objectives of biomedical research for the period 2007-2013 in Romania largely correspond to European and international objectives and increasingly aim at integration and compliance with standards in the European research space.

The participation of the Academy of Medical Sciences in the elaboration of the national strategy in the mentioned field for medicine and pharmacy demonstrates the official recognition of the exceptional value of its members and the position that this institution must hold in the development of decisions, plans, and programs in the field of Romanian medical and pharmaceutical science.